Destiny Achieved and the Butterfly



Each butterfly is unique in its own way as you are unique with your message for the world.

The butterfly stays true to itself and its transformation; it has trust in the process as it goes through the various stages to reach its destiny and embraces the growth through each change.

The butterflies’ transformation shows us we must recognise & embrace the various changes we will go through within our lives and that growth as well as change can be embraced with ease remembering your WHY… your Vision and using this to stay focused.

The butterflies’ flight is light and we must aim to move in life with an easy flow so as to achieve holistic harmony within our personal & professional life. As the butterfly goes through its transformation, at each stage letting go of what no longer serves it so too must you let go of what no longer serves you and whatever is not in alignment with your vision.

Then as the butterfly achieves its destiny so to must you “Step into Alignment with your Vision” to achieve holistic transformation and your destiny will be achieved.

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About Me

Lorraine Givans, Your Personal Business Coach

Hello and welcome to Destiny Achieved Coaching. My name is Lorraine Givans and I will be your personal business coach.

I was born and raised in England, however growing up, I had a burning desire to live in Jamaica. I envisioned owning my dream home there: a beautiful house by the sea. I held this dream for many years, believing that it would come true. In 2011, I moved to Jamaica, and in 2014 I achieved the dream…the vision… I had created for myself. I built my dream home with my partner. 

It is my belief that if one keeps his dream or vision at the forefront of his mind, while steadfastly working towards achieving it, then he has to reach his destiny. That’s the teaching behind Destiny Achieved Coaching; I help business owners put their vision at the forefront of their lives and use the constant image of their vision as an impetus for making their goals and visions a reality.

First and foremost, I help my clients understand why it is necessary to get into alignment with their vision. This alignment requires that there is cohesiveness among their thoughts, attitudes, habits and the actions they are taking to bring them closer to their goals and meeting their objectives.


To offer holistic and unconditional support to entrepreneurs and business owners, helping them to step into alignment with their purpose and the Vision they have for their business while staying true to themselves.

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Who I Serve

Destiny Achieved Coaching supports Business Owners and Entrepreneurs who have a unique message for the world and who are passionate & committed to their Vision.

Do you have a Unique Message…Brand you wish to share with the world?

* Are you experiencing some challenges getting your message out or heard?

* Do you feel stuck or unsure of how to move forward?

* Are you experiencing some challenges with your team in moving forward?

* Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

If you are passionate & committed to your Vision and are prepared to do the work to achieve sustainable growth- Destiny Achieved Coaching welcomes the opportunity in supporting you to achieve the growth you so desire.


How I Serve


I work exclusively with no more than 4 clients at a time on a 1 on 1 basis. My bespoke programme is designed specifically with your needs in mind so as to ensure you are receiving support in the areas that are unique to you and your business. As a business owner with a unique message or brand, it is important to ensure you are receiving the appropriate support for your needs.

Let me help you find customized solutions to issues like:

* Performance Management

* Supervision Management

* Change Management

* Team Building

* Personal Life Coaching

Any issue that you may be experiencing in your business, I can help you find effective solutions.

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International Clients

Clients who are located outside of Jamaica are welcome and custom coaching retreats can be easily organized. I can help to arrange additional amenities like:

* Accommodation

* Transportation

* Meals

* Any other custom requirements you may have

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“Stay True to who You are, Step Into Alignment with Your Vision and

share Your Unique Message with the World”



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Vision 2030 Jamaica

Destiny Achieved Coaching embraces Vision 2030 Jamaica and will endeavour to support clients in ensuring their business will be in alignment with this Vision.

Vision Statment:

“Jamaica the place of choice to Live, Work, Raise Families and do Business”


National Goal 1 – Jamaicans are empowered to achieve their fullest potential
National Goal 2 – The Jamaican society is secure, cohesive and just
National Goal 3 – Jamaica’s economy is prosperous
National Goal 4 – Jamaica has a healthy natural environment
I will help you to align your business goals with this vision for Jamaica 2030!


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