Lorraine Givans

Hello and welcome. My name is Lorraine Givans and I will be your personal business coach.

I was born and raised in England, however growing up, I had a burning desire to live in Jamaica. I envisioned owning my dream home there: a beautiful house by the sea. I held this dream for many years, believing that it would come true. In 2011, I moved to Jamaica, and in 2014 I achieved the dream…the vision… I had created for myself. I built my dream home with my partner. 

It is my belief that if one keeps his dream or vision at the forefront of his mind, while steadfastly working towards achieving it, then he has to reach his destiny. That’s the teaching behind Destiny Achieved Coaching; I help business owners put their vision at the forefront of their lives and use the constant image of their vision as an impetus for making their goals and visions a reality.

First and foremost, I help my clients understand why it is necessary to get into alignment with their vision. This alignment requires that there is cohesiveness among their thoughts, attitudes, habits and the actions they are taking to bring them closer to their goals and meeting their objectives.


To offer holistic and unconditional support to entrepreneurs and business owners, helping them to step into alignment with their purpose and the Vision they have for their business while staying true to themselves.