How to Stay Laser Focused

Every new year, people set ambitious personal goals that by August have long been abandoned. Sometimes the reason for not reaching personal goals is that persons are busy working on somebody else’s goal, whether it be their boss’ or their spouse’s. Other reasons though, that often get overlooked, are the simple distractions that rob them of valuable time and the chance of experiencing success. Here are three tips on how to stay focused on your ultimate goals.

Plan Your Day

Preparing for your day from the night before will save you a lot of time and prevent a lot of frustration. Pick out and iron your outfit for the next day so you don’t reach a meeting late because you spent an hour in the morning trying to get the seam in your skirt just right. Fix your lunch; take the time to pack something healthy from the night before so you don’t waste time standing in line at a restaurant that’s supposed to be serving “fast” food. You should also make a budget and not waste money on in-the-moment spending that you will later regret. The more money you have saved or invested is the more money you have to work on your goals. Planning the moves you make daily will allow you to take full advantage of the hours in the day and move you closer to your goals. 

Tackle the Hard Stuff First 

Begin to treat your mornings as sacred. Research has revealed that people’s minds are keenest at the start of the day. But so many people waste the morning hours on activities that are minor or routine and which could be dealt with easily just before the end of the day. Others spend hours watching TV or surfing the Internet while telling themselves that they erdifficult will only keep you in the cycle of procrastination. Doing what is hardest as soon as you can when you have the mental agility and energy to do so will increase the likelihood of the task being done well. Completing any activity when you are fatigued and mentally exhausted always includes the possibility that you will have to do it over, and if you didn’t “have” the time to do it when you should have done it, why do you think you will have the time to do it again? 

Keep the Goal in Sight

Like a plant, a goal needs attention. Don’t set goals then forget about them as time goes by. Losing track of goals may come about because of many reasons including having competing goals. But if something is important to you, keeping it in the forefront of your mind will propel you to take actions and eventually attract the circumstances and people that can help make your aspiration a reality. Creating a dream board for example, that you can hang somewhere you can see it everyday, will keep your goals fresh in your mind and remind you everyday to work on achieving them. Setting long term goals is exciting, but we usually ignore the effects the “long” aspect may have on our motivation. To stay motivated have milestone objectives that you can celebrate along the way, it will keep you focused on your goals.

Set Milestones 

Goals are a dime a dozen, having the determination to see them through, however, is another story. Following these three steps will help put you (back) on track to achieving your dreams. 

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